Travel & Portrait Photographer



I'm a Northern Michigan based Photographer with a passion for the outdoors.

Born and Raised in Michigan, I quickly developed a strong passion for everything outdoors.  In 5th grade, I had hoped I would grow up and become a photographer. Well, guess what, that dream came true, and I couldn't be happier.


I've also developed a strong urge to see everything the world has to offer, which has led me to become an avid traveler.  During the fall of 2016, I spent 4 months living in Luxembourg, a very small country in Europe situated between Belgium, France, and Germany. 

Do I sound like the type of person you want to learn more about and see everything that I've captured through my lens?


Born in June of 1996, I spent the first 3 months of my life at my cottage in Harbor Springs, a small town inside Little Traverse Bay of Lake Michigan.


Every summer since 1996 I've returned to Lake Michigan to explore everything it has to offer. During my 21 years of exploring I've developed a deep passion for the outdoors.  Skiing, Sailing, Biking and, Hiking have all become staples in my lifestyle.


Since I began to appreciate the world around me at such a young age, I quickly felt a strong urge to capture it.  This is when the photographer in me was born.  


My passion for exploring has taken me across Europe to live, study and visit over 14 countries. Photography allows me to share my explorations with you.  


So what are you waiting for? Let's explore!


While exploring with friends I found myself taking those candid shots that your friends post on their Instagram the moment you send them the photo.  Besides being the friend with the 'nice' camera, they admired the way I caught them in the moment.  Capturing a genuine smile is what makes me smile.


For the ones who aren't as fortunate to camp with such a loud snorer or be forced to walk 5 miles to the nearest landmark (because we'll get to see more sites and get some cardio), I'll still take your picture.  Just reach out and say "Hey, Laura, can you bring your camera?"* 

*An email or text message with the date and location is highly advised, or better yet, book a session!